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  •   30 Jun 2017   Posted By Anita B.   77 Favs   0 Comments

    Best Tactical Knife Buying Tips

    Are you an ardent hunter or someone who just likes to carry a pocket knife (an EDC) with them everyday? When looking to buy the best tactical knife you will want to save a lot of time and confusion by doing some research on the attributes you knife will need to have to meet your requirements. The tactical knife is one of the most common knives on the market today.

  •   14 Jul 2017   Posted By Ebony G.   2 Favs   0 Comments

    Are You Interested In Finding Tactical Pants?

    When most people think of tactical gear or even the phrase tactical they think of armed special forces and those that are in the armed services, however, other individuals frequently find this kind of gear functional as well such as the general public, military personnel, security department pros, and of course patrol officers or anyone else for that matter.

  •   7 Jul 2017   Posted By Brent L.   94 Favs   0 Comments

    Tactical Knives Variety for the Collector and Practical User

    There are many different types of Tactical knives and just as many different uses for them.

    The Beginning of Tactical Knives

    Tactical knives first began as pre-tactical knives in 1990 when one of the best known knifemakers, Ernest Emerson, refused to use any part of a plant or animal that was endangered.